Office of Student Engagement 

Above all else, the Office of Student Engagement is committed to the undergraduate student experience. Through co-curricular programming and dynamic support networks, we strive to empower students through their college journey, linking them to possibilities that engage their pioneering spirit and create connections within the University of Denver community

Achieving personal chapter growth begins through the Office of Student Engagement Areas of Experience, which are Community, Dialogue, and Growth:

  • Community. We care about our relationships. Our work is centered on building and nurturing positive connections with our campus partners; students, faculty, and staff. This means being intentional in our interactions and seeking to holistically know people as individuals rather than defining them by their roles.
  • Dialogue. We believe that every voice matters. Conversation is the means though which individuals’ self-awareness and understanding can be explored. It is our responsibility to create learning spaces that encourage authentic dialogue and inclusive practices.
  • Growth. Caring for the personal and professional growth of our students is central to our mission. Recognizing that each student is an individual within the unique identities and needs, we provide various programs and opportunities that engage students in self-discovery beyond an isolated experience, throughout their college journey.

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Upcoming Events 
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