Welcome to the University of Denver’s Fraternity and Sorority Life Housing page!

The fraternity and sorority chapter houses serve as the center for chapter activities. By taking advantage of the opportunity to live in the chapter house, you are putting yourself in the middle of your chapter experience. There are many benefits to living in your fraternity or sorority chapter house. Although living in your fraternity or sorority chapter house offers many of the conveniences of living in a traditional residence hall, such as proximity to campus. Additionally, you are also given a unique opportunity to live with your brothers/sisters which serves to enhance the already strong bonds that you have developed. Many of the chapter officers, fraternity and sorority Council leaders, and campus wide student leaders currently live in their fraternity and sorority chapter houses.

Living in a fraternity or sorority chapter house is a very exciting decision, but not one to be taken lightly. The Office of Student Engagement staff strongly encourages you to talk with your parent/guardian about this decision so they can also contact the appropriate individuals regarding move in date, what to bring (furniture), meal plans, cost, etc. Please also be sure to ask your chapter president and House Corporation Board questions about living in, such as move-in date, cost, space availability, etc.

The Office of Student Engagement is committed to supporting both the undergraduates and the House Corporation Boards. It is our goal to try and ensure that your living experience is the best that it can be.

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