Housing Live on Requirements

Two-Year Live-On Requirement:

The University of Denver is proud of its two-year live-on requirement and realizes that students who live on-campus are more likely to stay enrolled, graduate on time, and feel connected to the campus community.  In line with the live-on requirement, all current first-year students will need to sign up for either a fraternity or sorority chapter house or a residence hall assignment for their second year living arrangement. 

If you are not approved (based on the specified requirements), you have changed your mind about living in the fraternity or sorority chapter house your sophomore year (prior to signing a housing contract), are going to be an RA, are experiencing financial difficulties, etc., and will not be living on the house next year, please complete a housing contract online in your PioneerWeb account. Please refer to your Room Selection Guide 2016-2017 for information and deadlines for the housing lottery. If you choose to not enroll in the lottery, your housing placement will take place after the lottery has concluded.

For more information on the housing lottery, registering for housing assignment as a team, or any further housing questions, please contact Housing and Residential Education at 303-871-2246 or visit: http://www.du.edu/housing/index.html.


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