Automatic Approval Process

The University of Denver believes in the values of on-campus housing whether in a residence hall or in a fraternity or sorority chapter house. All current first-year students interested in living in their fraternity or sorority chapter facility are required to participate in our Fraternity & Sorority Automatic Approval process. 

You will find the policies/procedures for our Fraternity & Sorority Automatic Approval process below.


  1. Instead of filling out the Sophomore Approval form on OrgSync, we will be conducting a grade and conduct review for all new members who complete the New Member Paperwork (found in their chapter’s OrgSync portal) during the quarter that they join. When new members fill out their New Member Paperwork on OrgSync, they will be informed about the Automatic Approval for Fraternity and Sorority Housing.
  2. Discuss all living options with your family and/or chapter.
  3. You will allow your University of Denver academic and conduct records to be released to the Office of Student Engagement for review.
  4. Must be in GOOD STANDING academically, and have a cumulative GPA of 2.2 through the Winter Quarter.
  5. Must be in GOOD STANDING with the Office of Student Conduct.
    1. If you’re NOT in Good Standing, (Probation, etc.) and your probation is scheduled to conclude at the end or prior to the end of Spring or Summer Quarter, you MAY be approved on a probationary status that WILL be revoked if you do not complete your outcomes.
    2. If your probation is NOT scheduled to conclude at the end or prior to the end of Spring or Summer quarter OR you do not complete your required sanctions, you will NOT be released.
    3. All information will be verified by the Office of Student Conduct.
  6. If you choose to live in the fraternity or sorority chapter house and decide to leave this housing arrangement before the end of your sophomore year, you will be required to move back into the residence halls.
  7. The only way to be released from your housing obligation from the aforementioned houses is through your individual House Corporation Board.