IFC Recruitment FAQs

What are the eligibility requirements for joining a fraternity?

There are eligibility requirements to join a fraternity, but don’t let this deter you! These requirements are in place to ensure your own academic success as well as those around you. The first requirement we require to join a chapter is being enrolled as a full-time student, which, at the University of Denver, is 12 credits. The second requirement is your grade point average (GPA). The GPA requirement depends on the specific chapter, but for the majority of chapters this is a 2.5.

What does the partially structured recruitment process in the fall quarter look like?

The partially structured process in the fall begins with a values presentation. This presentation will help you consider what you are looking for in a fraternity, while also offering you the opportunity to meet your “Bro Gamma.” A Bro Gamma is a current member of a fraternity who will be serving as a small group leader for you during recruitment. He is there to ensure you know when and where all recruitment events are happening, as well as to serve as a non-biased support person throughout the joining process. Bro Gammas also assist with enforcing IFC recruitment policies to ensure that all prospective members have a fair process.

Following, you will officially begin the recruitment process with House Tours. On this night, you meet for a brief orientation where we serve dinner before heading out in our Bro Gamma groups. Each Bro Gamma group visits every IFC fraternity that night, so you will have a chance to familiarize yourself with each of our chapters.

Over the next four days, our chapters rotate hosting events on-campus and off-campus so that you can get to know the brothers of the chapters a little better while having some fun. These events are typically longer than House Tours, and it is normal for prospective members to visit a couple of chapters’ events. The schedule of events can be accessed on the IFC Recruitment Schedule tab, or by using the link here

The process concludes with bid distribution on Tuesday during the day in the Driscoll Student Center Underground, which is on the first floor (ground level) of the North side of the building.

What is a bid?

A bid is an invitation for membership to join an organization. In the fall quarter, bids are distributed at the end of the partially structured recruitment process. During the winter and spring quarters, bids are distributed at the chapters’ discretion in an ongoing way. Some prospective members are offered more than one bid for membership; however, only one bid can be accepted.

Please note, you must be initiated in the quarter in which you accept your bid, unless the chapter is granted explicit permission by the Fraternity & Sorority Life staff.

How do I register for recruitment?

To go through the Fall quarter partially structured recruitment process and join one of the eight IFC fraternities, you need to register online by using our online form, which can be found on the Orgsync Fraternity and Sorority Life portal. It is not necessary to register for Winter or Spring IFC Recruitment, only Fall IFC Recruitment. 

What are some recruitment tips?

Joining a fraternity is a major decision that will alter your collegiate experience as a whole and will serve as a catalyst for your future. Each chapter is centered upon a set of core values. These values are the roots of each individual organization. Thus we highly recommend that you do research on the chapters that you are interested in joining. We have complete chapter profiles for your convenience on our DU Fraternity & Sorority Life website under the About Us tab, which can be accessed here

Ask Questions. Ask about each chapter’s financial obligations, involvement on campus, academic success, and new member process. Many of these questions can be answered on our webpage as well. Feel free to navigate through it!

Make your own decision! Don’t pass up a chapter that fits your ideals because of peer pressure or stereotypes. As said before this is a major decision that will be life altering.