Interfraternity Council (IFC) Recruitment

Recruitment is a mutual selection process by which fraternities and prospective members choose each other based on the values that are important to them. The fraternity chapters will decide which individuals exemplify their chapter’s values while the prospective members will choose the chapter that coincides with their personal standards. Six of the seven Interfraternity Council (IFC) chapters at the University of Denver (DU) hold their primary recruitment at the beginning of the fall quarter through a partially structured process, although many also informally recruit individuals in the winter and spring quarters. Recruitment events, regardless of the quarter, are designed to introduce the active chapter to the prospective members while simultaneously building a relationship with these individuals.


Formal Recruitment takes place every fall quarter. Six of the IFc chapters are affiliated with the National Interfraternity Conference umbrella organization and participate in Formal Recruitment.

To register for 2018 fall formal recruitment, click here.


Informal recruitment is the recruitment process during winter and spring quarter. Our affiliate chapter, Alpha Gamma Omega, utilizes informal recruitment to bring in new members, as they do not participate in Formal Recruitment. In addition, it is not guaranteed that the other six chapters will participate in Informal Recruitment in the winter of spring quarters.