Panhellenic Formal Recruiment FAQs


What is values-based formal recruitment?

Formal recruitment is a process by which the majority of women join chapters related to the National Panhellenic Conference. It is an opportunity for potential new members (PNMs) of chapters to meet our groups on campus and for the chapters to meet their potential sisters. The process of joining a multi-day event, featuring a mutual selection process, which refines down the maximum number of chapters each PNM visits until the last day, when a bid (or an invitation) may be extended to a new member. Each day PNMs will attend fewer events than the day before, becoming steps closer to the best fit, new sisters, and a home away from home.

Values-based recruitment is a process by which PNMs and chapters choose each other based on common shared values. Our chapters participate in no-frills recruitment with strict standards in order to connect with PNMs on a more real level. By being one’s genuine self, both PNMs and initiated members can experience a more authentic and successful recruitment process. Centering the recruitment process for both the initiated member and the potential new member on the core values of each organization helps ensure a rich experience for all who participate.

What is mutual selection?

Mutual selection is the process that is used to best place each potential new member with their fitting organization. This process means that while you are meeting organizations and understanding where you might fit best, the members of each organization are doing the same with you! Each organization will take their time getting to meet you and will figure out whether or not you will fit best with them, while you are figuring out where you want to be. This is a process where you do not only choose your sisters, they also choose you! 

What is the difference between formal recruitment and COB?

Formal recruitment is the process in the fall in which all of the Panhellenic organizations participate in order to gain new members. It is a multi-day process, that has both a dress code and specific meeting times. This process happens in the fall and brings in the most numbers for sororities every year. COB is a process that happens in the winter and spring, which only a few of our member organizations participate in, that is a less structured way for organizations to bring in new members. It is typically shorter than formal recruitment and brings in much smaller numbers than in the fall. Additionally, each organization sets their own dress code and schedule for this type of recruitment. To meet women from all chapters, we suggest participating in formal recruitment in the fall. 

When should I register for formal recruitment?

Registration for 2017 Formal Panhellenic recruitment will open on August 1, 2017. For all students, we recommend waiting to complete the registration process until you have received your final grades from the last academic term to have the most up to date academic information possible. This allows for end of year awards and academic information to be included in the honors and awards section of your application.

What do I need to register?

Prior to registering, make sure you have all of the necessary information to complete the registration form in front of you. Many students print out a copy of their resume and find that to be a useful reference for involvement and accolades. Once you start the form, you must complete it in its entirety. In addition to other items, the following information is required:

DU Student ID Number
High School GPA
College GPA (if applicable)
Information on high school and collegiate activities, involvement, and awards
If applicable, names, affiliations, and college for any legacy connections (see below)
Credit card to make a secure, online payment of $30.00

What is the $30 payment for?

The thirty dollar fee is a registration fee that will cover the cost of your recruitment shirt, recruitment water bottle, and the meal that is provided for you during the recruitment process. 

How will I know I am registered for recruitment?

Once you complete the online registration form here, you will end on a confirmation page and will shortly thereafter receive an email from the Panhellenic Council Officers.

What is the schedule for recruitment?

Recruitment will take place in late September, and will begin Friday, September 22 and will conclude on Monday, September 25, 2017.

More specifically, here’s a breakdown of the time commitment that you can expect for recruitment:

Thursday, September 21st: Values Presentation Day
Prospective members will meet in the Driscoll Student Center Ballroom (located on the second floor of the North side of the building) from 6:00pm-7:00pm for a presentation on values to help them understand what joining a sorority means, determine what they are looking for in a sorority, and learn about the questions they should be asking active sorority members before meeting the chapters.

Friday, September 22th: Sisterhood Day
Potential new members (PNMs) will meet in the Driscoll Student Center Ballroom at 3:00pm for a brief orientation before heading out with their recruitment groups to visit all 6 of our chapters. There will be a dinner break for all potential new members (PNMs) as well as a break round. At the end of the night there will be a meeting to preference the chapters, and the evening will wrap up around 11:30pm.

Saturday, September 23rd: Open House & Philanthropy Day
Potential new members (PNMs) will meet in the Driscoll Student Center Ballroom at 12 PM for a brief orientation before receiving their schedules and heading out to visit a maximum of four chapters. Most potential new members will not visit four chapters, and will have occasional breaks. There will be dinner provided for all potential new members (PNMs) at the end of the night as they preference their chapters (dietary restrictions will be honored.) At the end of the night there will be a meeting to preference the chapters, and the evening will wrap up around 8 PM.

Sunday, September 24th: Preference Round
Potential new members (PNMs) will meet in the Driscoll Student Center Ballroom (located on the second floor of the North side of the building) at 12:45 PM for an orientation before receiving their schedules and heading out to meet a maximum of two chapters. The evening will end with PNMs preferencing their chapters no later than 6 PM.

Tuesday, September 27th: Bid Day 
Potential new members (PNMs) will meet in Davis Auditorium, located in Sturm Hall, at 4:45 PM to receive their bids. They will then go back to their new chapters’ facility in order to celebrate the momentous occasion.

What does it cost to be a member of a sorority?

To learn more about the costs associated with sorority membership, please check out the financial breakdowns for each of the 2016-2017 Panhellenic chapters in the document here.

What should I wear for recruitment?

First and foremost, you should always be wearing something which makes you comfortable, although each day of recruitment has a different dress code.  For Day 1, you will be provided a T-shirt to wear, so shorts or pants would be appropriate. For Day 2, most women opt for skirts or sundresses. For Day 3, the Preference round of recruitment is more formal and serious, and your wear should reflect that. A cocktail or semiformal dress would be suitable here. On Bid Day, if you receive a bid, you will receive a shirt from your new chapter. To help you think about what to wear, Panhellenic has created a Pinterest page with some inspiration:

What are letters of recommendation and do I need one?

Recommendation letters, or reference letters, are typically written for an undergraduate member by an alumnae member of a Panhellenic organization. These letters introduce a potential new member to the chapter and describe more about the potential new member's qualities and characteristics. Alumnae can only complete recommendation letters for their own inter/national organization. Chapters welcome and greatly appreciate alumnae input on women going through their recruitment process, though recommendation letters are not required by any chapter at the University of Denver.

Since every chapter has a different process for recommendation letter submission, alumnae members who want to submit a recommendation on a potential new member should follow the process outline on their inter/national organization's website. To learn more about submitting a recommendation letter, please click on the respective chapters.

If the process for submitting a recommendation letter requires mailing information to our local chapters at DU, letters can be addressed to the following:

Alpha Phi: c/o Karen Miller, 9499 Winding Hill Court, Lone Tree, CO 80124
Chi Omega: c/o Jill Bowman, 3964 S. Niagara Way, Denver, CO 80237
Delta Delta Delta: c/o Reilly Meyer, 2249 S. Josephine St., Denver, CO 80210
Delta Gamma: c/o Lydia Patton, 2222 S. Josephine St., Denver, CO 80210
Delta Zeta: c/o Katie Fredrick, 8181 E. Phillips Circle, Centennial, CO 80112 
Gamma Phi Beta: c/o Nicole MacLean, 2233 S. Josephine St., Denver, CO 80208

What is a legacy?

Legacies are potential new members who have family ties to active or alumnae members of a Panhellenic chapter. As the definition of a legacy varies between chapters, please use definitions below.

Alpha Phi: Sister, Step-Sister, Mom, Step-Mother, Grandmother, and Great-Grandmother
Chi Omega: Sister, Mom and Grandmother
Delta Delta Delta: Sister, Step-Sister, Mom, Step-Mother and Grandmother
Delta Gamma: Sister, Step-Sister, Mom, Step-Mother, Grandmother, and Great-Grandmother
Delta Zeta: Sister, Step-Sister, Mom, Step-Mother, Grandmother, and Great-Grandmother
Gamma Phi Beta: Sister, Mom, Grandmother, and Great-Grandmother

In the registration form, there is an opportunity to notify if you are a legacy of any organization.

How can I learn more information about the chapters on campus?

An online booklet will be posted here at the beginning of Week 1 of school. This booklet will give more detail on the recruitment process, financial commitments of sorority members, as well as information on each of the chapters. In the meantime, feel free to visit our chapters’ websites, and follow DU Panhellenic on Facebook at to stay up to date.

What if I feel overwhelmed or have questions during the formal recruitment process?

At the beginning of the process, you will be placed in a group with other potential new members (PNMS), led by a Rho Gamma, or an initiated member who has disaffiliated from her chapter in order to help guide you through the process. Your Rho Gamma will help you throughout the whole process and answer any questions you may have, from before recruitment until Bid Day.

What if I already have an important commitment during one of the rounds of formal recruitment?

Your Rho Gamma (recruitment counselor) will help you work around any previous and important commitments that you may have during the recruitment process, although we do recommend that each potential new member do their best to remain available during the entire process.

What if I only want to join one specific chapter?

Only wanting to be in one or a few chapters limits a potential new member’s options in the recruitment process and often leads to disappointment. Don’t let stereotypes or others’ opinions influence your decision process- all of our chapters are very strong in sisterhood, leadership, academics, and service.

For more information/questions please contact:

MacKenzie Mantsch | Panhellenic Association - Director of Recruitment |